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Read our explainer or watch our video to find out how we can help you.

Your enterprise applications are brilliant at what they do.

Apart from one vital thing. You can’t use them on a mobile.

Imagine how productive you’d be if you could use your mobile to do everything that you can do on your laptop.

That’s what 2Go does. It connects you securely to the apps you rely on wherever you are not just some of those apps, all of them, including legacy apps and bespoke systems.

Sounds too good to be true. Well, that’s what our clients thought until we got the mobile within days, sometimes even a few hours to go gets you moving.

It gets your business mobile faster and for less cost than other approaches. It lets you work on your phone or tablet just like you do on your laptop only faster.
Which is why organizations across so many sectors now use 2Go to keep on top of business critical operations.

With 2Go on your mobile, you’d be as agile as they are doing more business in more places at more times of the day.

Going truly mobile in a world that won’t wait for you to catch up.

Download 2Go and evaluate the app

Get 2Go on your iPhone, iPad or Android device and evaluate 2Go within your organisation


Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool that just plugged into all of my legacy systems and enabled me to work just like I was in the office?  

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9 Good reasons why you should use 2Go to go mobile

No mobile app development

2Go delivers mobile use of your existing applications with no code.

Scalable & Delivered in days

Highly scalable while being straightforward to implement & delivers mobile access within days of installation.

Single solution

A cross-platform solution delivers multiple enterprise platforms in a single solution rather than discrete apps for each.

Fully data secure

No data is stored on the device; hence, loss or theft of a device does not mean a loss of data!

No Re-engineering

Requires no re-engineering of content & delivers 100% of an organisation’s existing system.

Go Mobile without upgrading your Enterprise Apps

Technology acknowledged by major vendors as the only workable solution for some customers needing to go mobile but unwilling to upgrade!

Users just get it

Leading to rapid user adoption with no extra training required.

Great for legacy applications

Still running systems which are vital to the business, but too old to convert to the cloud? Use 2Go to take them mobile with no code.

Enhance user productivity

Using our custom gestures, specific keywords and even voice recognition based data capture, 2Go users can be even more productive on the move than in the office.


Convinced? Well, let’s talk then.

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