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My name is David Monks. I’m one of the founders of the company back in 2012 and its Chief Operating Officer. My role here is to introduce you to our solution 2Go Universal Mobile Access.

To explain how the system works, some of the benefits of using it, and obviously give you a better understanding of our technology.

2Go was initially designed back in 2012, to address the challenge of how to get mobile access to complex, often legacy enterprise applications, and has a tagline of Universal Mobile Access, that will give you an understanding of what we’re trying to achieve.

On a mobile device, you can get to any and all of the applications that you’re entitled to use. It’s secure, as you will find, because there’s no data stored on the device. It’s very rapid to implement. And it’s very cost effective.

Some of the issues with mobility and access to enterprise applications are:-

First the level of investment required developing mobile apps is very expensive.

Secondly, the disruption caused to users. Typically, the UI’s of mobile apps are not the same as the systems they use

Mobile apps developed are task specific, they very rarely, if ever, give you a broad reach across the entire systems.

And they are system specific, you develop a mobile app that works well for Oracle, it doesn’t work for SAP and vice versa.

They don’t handle legacy applications. Anything that is not cloud enabled, is effectively barred from being mobile.

And they’re insecure, typically, there is a risk of data loss or theft, because of the loss or theft of the device.

So how does 2Go address this? Well:-

first thing is we take your mobile in days without having to develop any mobile apps.

It’s a familiar user interface, so you don’t have to retrain your users.

It’s not task specific, we can work across multiple applications.

It copes with any system changes. So if you do decide to move from Oracle to SAP to go, we’ll go with you.

And it copes with both legacy and SAS systems simultaneously at the same time.

And what’s more, with no data stored on the device, it’s completely secure.

So how does it work?

Well, first of all, we have cloud apps for both iOS and Android devices, you simply download them from the App Store, free of charge.

But in order to access your corporate system, we need to validate your device. So we send you an email and ask you to open it on the device and that connects your device to our validation server, we pull off some technical information about the device, not user information, and then hand over control to the core of the system, which is something we call the 2Go server software.

It then recognizes the new device but realizes it needs to have some information about who’s going to use the device so instructs the client to open up a login screen, You enter your credentials, they’re not stored on the device, instead, they are pixelated, encrypted, and squirted back up to the 2Go server where they’re decrypted. And at that point, the 2Go server does two things simultaneously.

 First of all, it turns on all the attributes that we’re using within the 2Go system to help you to work more productively, things like custom gestures, voice dictation directly into applications, specialized keyboards, etc. The second thing it does is it passes those security credentials off to the authentication system in use in the organization.

We don’t do the authentication, we simply look for success token back from the authentication system to say yes, this is a valid login.

Having gotten that authentication confirmed, we use the success token then to look up your profile in another system we use not displayed here called Okta, also running in the cloud.

Where we hold the information about what applications are you entitled to use?

What’s your role in those applications?

Where are those applications? By that we mean geographically.

Then lastly, how do we connect to those applications,  the configuration information required for 2Go to be able to connect to those applications.

That then completes the process of enabling the whole system to work. The 2Go server, in essence makes the connection for you between your mobile device and the applications you want to use and controls that communication in an encrypted form. By streaming pixels backwards and forwards between the different elements, you are then in a situation where you can use the mobile device to interact directly with those remote applications.

One last piece of software, if we need it, is we developed our own VPN gateway solution if we need to actually tunnel in effectively to get to the applications we want to work with.

So what does it look like? Well, this is actually a representation of our system, you’ll see immediately that we did not go down the route of deploying a web browser interface. What we have is our own native UI, icon driven navigation system.

Here is the application icon, for example. If I tap on the application icon, you can see that what I now get is a scrollable list of other icons, the applications that I’m entitled to work with, I can scroll through these and pick and choose whichever ones I wish- we call this dynamic navigation.

Having selected a particular application, if it requires me to use specialized keyboards, I can float different keyboards onto the device. So my iPad, for example, as Function keys and Ctrl keys, even though an iPad doesn’t understand those, the underlying application does.

Having selected the application. In this case, QlikView, as you can see, what I’ve now got is full screen QlikView to work with. Let me stress QlikView isn’t running on my iPad, it’s running back in the data center on the servers there.

But I can work directly with click through on my iPad, because I can, for example, use our custom gesture library to do different things to QlikView. Alternatively, I could tap on the screen, turn on the voice dictation process, and dictate a revision to the values contained within a cell.

That change is not made on my iPad, that change is effectively made back on the server, where QlikView is actually running.

The system runs across AWS across the world, we have it stood up in eight different regions of AWS, giving us support no matter where you are, to be able to access your applications. Also running on AWS is some software we’ve developed that actually looks at the AWS system to determine what is the most optimum route to connect you between where you are, and where your systems are, where your applications are. So all the time the software is running, looking for the ability to dynamically reroute you if there are bottlenecks, due to either contention or issues with the availability of parts of the AWS system.

We’ve worked very successfully with a whole series of different organizations. Our very first customer was the Met Police, for example, in London with real time crime information patrolling the streets of London. Next was Marks and Spencer working on site in their store developments, looking at supply chain information. BMW group wanted a dealer management system to work across the whole of the UK,  2Go was an integral part of that.

We work very strongly with partners as well as you can see, and our key partner is Atos and we are happy to be part of the Atos SME horizons program.

Thank you for listening.

Download 2Go and evaluate the app

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Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool that just plugged into all of my legacy systems and enabled me to work just like I was in the office?  

Smart looking man with his arms crossed on a white background

9 Good reasons why you should use 2Go to go mobile

No mobile app development

2Go delivers mobile use of your existing applications with no code.

Scalable & Delivered in days

Highly scalable while being straightforward to implement & delivers mobile access within days of installation.

Single solution

A cross-platform solution delivers multiple enterprise platforms in a single solution rather than discrete apps for each.

Fully data secure

No data is stored on the device; hence, loss or theft of a device does not mean a loss of data!

No Re-engineering

Requires no re-engineering of content & delivers 100% of an organisation’s existing system.

Go Mobile without upgrading your Enterprise Apps

Technology acknowledged by major vendors as the only workable solution for some customers needing to go mobile but unwilling to upgrade!

Users just get it

Leading to rapid user adoption with no extra training required.

Great for legacy applications

Still running systems which are vital to the business, but too old to convert to the cloud? Use 2Go to take them mobile with no code.

Enhance user productivity

Using our custom gestures, specific keywords and even voice recognition based data capture, 2Go users can be even more productive on the move than in the office.


Convinced? Well, let’s talk then.

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