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Mobile ERP – daydream or nightmare?

Have the issues to Mobile ERP been solved?

Many Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendors claim that they have mobile versions of their systems able to extend the reach of their users beyond the workplace. So surely the problem of how to allow employees to access these ERP systems via their mobile devices has been solved?

Unfortunately not yet! Whilst it is true to state that the major vendors claim they have mobile ERP what in practice this means is that they have generated point specific apps which provide some limited functionality on a mobile device.  These cannot be described as true Enterprise Application Mobility.

The approach taken by the major vendors is to isolate some small portion of the tasks required within an ERP system, for example order entry, and craft a mobile app which will ‘pull’ some subset of data from the core ERP server(s), store this on the mobile device and then allow the user to manipulate it in some form within the app running on the mobile device before submitting changes to the order back to the ERP system.

There are a number of inherent problems with this approach.

The problems can be grouped into 3 major categories

  1. User Frustration
    • Parity – Where the mobile version is only a subset of the full capability the user has on the desktop, the user then needs to maintain a mental feature list of what they are able to accomplish on their mobile device vs what they are able to do at their desk.
    • Interface confusion – The mobile app becomes yet one more interface the user needs to recall to do the same task. Frustration with the mobile app leads to low user adoption.
  2. Technical Integration
    • Very few ERP deployments are 100% purebred self-contained implementations. Most leverage 3rd party integrated solutions and processes.  This is one of the core reasons for the lack of Parity.
  3. Security
    • Loss of corporate data – with reports and lists stored on the device the threat of key corporate data loss is an ever present concern.

Couple these problems with some of the more recent research findings about use of mobiles in the workplace:-

  • Gartner have estimated that 50% of all companies will need to have some BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy and policies in place by 2017 in order to cope with the rapid growth of demand.
  • A recent Kinvey report stated that the average time and cost to develop small purpose-built mobile apps is in the order of 18 months delay and $270,000 per app and this, combined with a Gartner claim that most enterprises will require over 2,000 of such point-specific purpose-built apps, gives a potential average expenditure on Enterprise Application Mobility of $540 million per company!

Why is an Enterprise Applications Mobility Layer better!

Thankfully, there is a better way! iNovar’s innovative approach to Enterprise Applications Mobility through its’ 2Go™ EnAML solution (that’s Enterprise Applications Mobility Layer by the way) solves a significant number of the problems inherent with the ‘traditional’ approach to mobile app development.

Firstly, 2Go™ requires no costly re-engineering of systems in order to go mobile. 2Go™ delivers a familiar UI to users across ALL of their ERP functions but then extends user’s efficiency through the use of user-definable, user-selectable custom gestures which can be ‘mapped’ to individual workflows within the underlying ERP system (and other enterprise application as well). In addition, custom keyboards with familiar Control and Function keys enhance the user experience and Voice Recognition allows ‘type-free’ completion of forms, notes etc. through dictation.

Secondly, but possibly even more importantly, 2Go™ achieves this increased efficiency without the inherent risks to data exposed by the other vendor’s approach as no data leaves the ERP server(s) and no data is stored on the mobile device hence you “cannot lose that which you’ve never had!”

iNovar offers all companies the ability to test how quickly they can see the benefits of true Mobile ERP and deliver a more comprehensive, more secure and yet dramatically more affordable solution than the alternatives. For a no-obligation evaluation 2Go™ go to our Trial page now.

Find out more at Solutions and watch the online videos to learn why our approach works.

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