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2Go helps organisations of all sizes reach digital success. To excel in the rapid-fire digital world, companies of all sizes work with 2Go to get ahead. And stay ahead.

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2Go Universal Mobile Access extends the reach of your enterprise!

1. No re-engineering of content

2Go™ is the only Mobile Enterprise Application solution which requires no re-engineering of content and delivers 100% of an organisation’s existing systems for use on a mobile device. Leveraging the existing API infrastructure of the enterprise applications, 2Go securely accesses the respective system defined for each user. The 2Go environment then transcends the traditional mobile incompatibilities with Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, Silverlight, ActiveX, and Java. Using a unique protocol for translation, the end-user’s experience is a full-screen, full-fidelity reproduction of the existing platform they are familiar with.

2. Highly scalable

2Go™ is highly scalable whilst being straightforward to implement and delivers mobile access within days of installation. The 2Go infrastructure is built upon a highly scalable architecture using client apps for both iOS and Android devices as well as cloud provider based servers capable of exceeding 10,000 connections over a two-hour period. This type of scalability often exceeds the enterprise application system’s scalability sometimes by a factor of 10.

3. Cross-platform solution

2Go™ is a cross-platform solution delivering multiple enterprise platforms in a single solution integrated to all rather than discrete apps for each. With no allegiance to any one enterprise application platform, the 2Go architecture is designed to envelop multiple enterprise platforms. So whether your organisation uses SAP, Oracle, Microsoft or others, with the proper security integration, 2Go is the only technology in the industry that allows for one mobile platform to connect and aggregate multiple solutions together. This presents the end-user with one environment yet connectivity to multiple platforms.

4. 100% data secure

2Go™ is 100% data secure – no data is stored on the device hence loss or theft of a device does not mean a loss of data! With security at the forefront, the 2Go architecture was designed so that no data at any time would be resident on the device. With even the in-transit flow of information securely encrypted to FIPS 140-2 standard and additionally a five level authentication protocol to ensure that the individual only see the information that is granted to them, 2Go uses a strong combination of security features. 2Go integrates into the organizations existing authentication systems ensuring that, should those systems be modified due to a breach or change in an individual’s role, 2Go will immediately reflect those changes to preserve security. This level of integration ensures that active involvement or monitoring of 2Go is not necessary to change or restrict access to content. A change of role or dismissal of an individual within an organisation’s Active Directory or LDAP security infrastructure will immediately be adopted by 2Go. Additionally, 2Go also integrates directly to the permissions and roles of the enterprise application platform. Any changes made there also have an immediate adoption by 2Go. Similarly, 2Go also honours row and column level security provided by business intelligence reports and dashboards. This five level security system ensures that only the individual with the proper permissions will have access to their content.

5. Delivering unsupported solutions

2Go™ has the ability to deliver a variety of unsupported solutions onto IOS devices such as the iPad etc. despite Apple stating that it does not support these. Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, Silverlight, ActiveX, and Java applications present common challenges to mobile platforms. These applications often present performance challenges to devices with limited CPU and RAM specifications. 2Go focuses on performing the heavy-duty and processor intensive tasks on the server side in its architecture while communicating with a light protocol more suitable to the mobile devices. This architecture allows for the results of a multiple million row query to be handled by server-side capable processing without performance degradation typically common with a mobile device. All viewer types are translated at the server side ensuring optimal performance for all types of mobile devices regardless of specifications.

6. Supporting multi-layered PDF animation

2Go™ has the ability to support multi-layered PDF animation onto IOS devices despite Adobe stating that the iPad does not support layers. With server-side processing managing most of the heavy lifting, 2Go is unique in its ability to support the most complex business material which includes multilayer PDFs.

7. No need to upgrade

Technology acknowledged by major vendors as the only workable solution for any customers needing to go mobile but unwilling to upgrade! Because of the unique architectural design, 2Go™ mobilises both current and earlier versions of many of the world’s leading enterprise application platforms. This includes mobilising all of their respective content sources regardless of vendor, format or version including bespoke code and custom roles. Other vendor’s mobile apps typically only support their standard system – and even then might only mobilise certain functionality rather than the whole system! 2Go mobilises the whole system in one pass!

8. Full bidirectional control

Through 2Go™ the user’s applications can be used just as they would on a desktop/laptop. With the focus to also preserve full fidelity in the user experience of the enterprise application platform, the end-users have full bidirectional control over all of their respective content. For example if the user is granted rights to edit, or modify any of their system’s content, they will be presented with the same capabilities to do so using their mobile device. Upon making any changes, using their mobile devices, these are then saved back into the enterprise system to be accessed later either on their desktops or on their mobile devices.

9. Data security controls

All data is secure and 2Go™ ensures that data and content can only be dispersed through approved means. With all of the work being done by mobile users actually resulting in changes on the server-based solutions rather than on a locally stored extract of data, 2Go’s unique architecture ensures that controls can be placed on the method of extracting content from systems to prevent data loss and thereby meet the requirements of such measures as HIPAA in the USA or GDPR in Europe.

10. Data capture process

In addition to the display of content, 2Go™ can be configured to act as a data capture process to enable 2-way operation of applications. Leveraging 2Go’s unique bidirectional communication protocol, enterprise application systems can not only push data to the end-user but can also retrieve data input from the end-user and save it back into the enterprise system. The linkage of the device’s voice recognition system to the underlying applications through the 2Go system means that users can take advantage of the substantial reduction in time taken to capture notes, enter orders, dictate changes and such like directly from their device and into even the most elderly of core applications.

11. Single sign on

2Go™ can be used to streamline user’s access to multiple systems through 1 single sign on process. Try setting up any other system to allow users to easily switch between the latest and greatest Saas based software and thick client legacy applications and you will readily appreciate the ease with which 2Go can provide this functionality for all of your users.

12. Simplify your hardware requirements

Dramatically simplify your hardware requirements through using 2Go™. Accessing multiple systems whilst on the move often calls for workers to have to use a multiplicity of different devices in order to complete their tasks – not with 2Go as this one client app can be used to access any and all of the applications you have the rights to use.


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