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Integrated Care Systems

How Universal Mobile Access Software can help implement Integrated Care Services in NHS and the Healthcare Market

The healthcare industry, like many others, is becoming increasingly interconnected and integrated. This is theoretically a good thing – interconnected services will enable faster patient responses, greater access to shared resources, a more “holistic” view of each patient and of the social impact of any proposed intervention as well as other benefits.

What Are Integrated Care Services (ICS)?

As information integration becomes more widespread, the National Health Service (NHS) is working to connect both primary and secondary care providers, like general practitioners and NHS hospitals, with other healthcare services, like social care services including funded care homes, local authority operated services aimed at protecting children and vulnerable adults as well as the police and criminal justice systems. Mobile technology is absolutely vital for this information integration to proceed as projected, however. With mobile tech, doctors and other healthcare professionals as well as the other parts of the ICS can access shared and integrated healthcare systems on the go. By integrating different care services, patients can receive more rapid and more effective interventions for medical and mental health needs, when this more “holistic” view of not only the patient but their social circumstances is available. Furthermore, resources can be pooled, coordinated and utilised more efficiently, minimising downtime and improving patient outcomes.

Simple and Universal Connectivity to a Wide Variety of Applications

Naturally, integrating different healthcare, social, police and justice services and technologies comes with its share of headaches. Different organisations use different software and platforms, as well as vastly different machines, to carry out their administrative and security procedures. Additionally, administrators have to be sure that their technology is secure against intrusion: NHS breaches can have serious consequences not just for funding organisations but also for patients. It is also obvious that both police and criminal justice systems need to be secure. However, technology has been developed that combines easy access to a wide variety of applications, for mobile devices, with consistent security. Such a mobile technology can allow primary and secondary healthcare providers to quickly and accurately connect with social or other ICS and healthcare services. This approach could greatly facilitate the end goal of ICS.

Rapid Mobile Access to Enterprise Applications

2Go Universal Mobile Access is a secure, fast, and inexpensive software solution that allows any and all enterprise-level applications to be used on mobile devices without having to re-engineer systems or content and without the time, effort and cost of developing mobile apps. In other words, it’s the perfect platform to enable primary and secondary healthcare providers to connect to other healthcare or social services organisations. This system, for example, may allow: ● Patients to be accurately directed to a doctor after a recommendation from their therapist or other healthcare professional or even by another part of the ICS team ● Doctors to connect with social services to understand the impact upon their patient’s health of their social circumstances and/or the police for assistance handling or monitoring patients either in their hospital or after discharge. ● Hospitals to save time and reduce mistakes by enabling employees to order vital drugs, locate required resources and supplies or update patient records through voice commands without having to take off their PPE (personal protective equipment) These are just a few examples of the power that 2Go can have on the healthcare system.

Secure Mobile Use of Multiple Applications

Even better, 2Go is designed not to compromise NHS systems’ security. It operates on a specialised “mobility layer” atop existing systems or applications, allowing healthcare and other systems within ICS to be accessed securely from mobile devices. Unlike many mobile app developments, there is no data stored on the mobile and no risk to data in transit as 2Go operates with secure encrypted pixelated transmissions and no data is stored on the device. Therefore, hackers or other cybercriminals cannot easily gain access to NHS systems purely by getting access to a mobile device left unattended or mislaid. Any NHS hospital or service should consider applying 2Go to their systems. Learn more about how 2Go can help provide universal mobile access to healthcare systems today.

David Monks

Responsible for the day-to-day operations at iNovar. David's current focus is to scale 2Go through partnerships with System Integrators and Consultants.

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