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How using custom gestures and voice recognition-based data capture can improve staff efficiency

The arrival of the iPhone in 2007 revolutionised mobile communications. Overnight, it changed the way we saw our mobile phones, allowing us to do so much more and putting the internet in our pocket. While these first phones were a sea-change compared to other devices, they were still quite primitive compared to what we know today.

Today, a decade and a half on from that first iPhone, we have come to take the technology for granted. iPhones, and their Android counterparts, have become integrated into our daily lives, at work as well as at home and using them has become second nature in a wide range of situations.

Gestures are second nature

While using gestures may have been a novel way of interacting with our devices when they first appeared, today they have become second nature. We pinch to expand a screen, swipe between apps and tap on the screen instinctively, making our interaction with the device faster, smoother and more efficient. Many of us have become so used to working in this way that we sometimes become frustrated when we can’t pinch to expand a hard copy document or on-screen image on our desktop.

Custom gestures in enterprise remote access solutions

If the use of gestures makes using your smartphone so much easier and more convenient, imagine if you could use those same gestures when accessing remote systems securely. 2Go
Universal Mobile Access software delivers secure, rapid mobile access to enterprise applications, allowing your team to use your main company systems on the move, wherever they are. What’s more, the built-in custom gestures in the 2Go app allow them to create ways of interacting with those systems using a method that they are comfortable and familiar with, yet tailored to the specific programme they are using.

Voice recognition

A second innovation with smartphones has been the increasing sophistication and accuracy of voice recognition. This has developed from a few basic commands to full voice recognition, allowing users to dictate directly into their apps. This not only saves time in typing, but also improves accuracy, especially compared to typing on the small clumsy screen of a smartphone, at the mercy of autocorrect.

Voice recognition in mobile access software

By incorporating voice recognition into a mobile integration platform, 2Go allows universal connectivity to a wide variety of applications in a fast, efficient and accurate way. Voice recognition-based data capture means your team can dictate directly into your enterprise apps without the need to type in or transfer dictated notes from their smartphone. This means they can work anywhere, anytime, and remain connected to your company systems in a way that feels natural and intuitive. Studies have shown that dictating notes can be up to 5 times more efficient than typing!

Remote enterprise access from any device

2Go secure mobile application integration works across most iPhone and Android devices and can be deployed in whatever way suits your company structure. Devices can be Corporate Owned Personally Enabled (COPE), or you can operate a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, where key workers can be given legacy software mobile access using their own devices. Either way, with 2Go Universal Mobile Access, they will have direct access to your enterprise software from their smartphone, using custom gestures and voice recognition, enabling them to interact with those programmes in a way that feels natural and delivers significant increases in efficiency and effectiveness.

Secure your critical enterprise data while using a mobile device

A common cause for concern in organisations is the risk of data loss of theft occasioned by the loss or theft of a mobile device – however 2Go provides a secure end-to-end process where no data is stored on the device hence no data can be lost.

David Monks

Responsible for the day-to-day operations at iNovar. David's current focus is to scale 2Go through partnerships with System Integrators and Consultants.

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