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Explaining 2Go™ Technology

Understanding the 2Go™ technology will enable you to clearly see the value of this Enterprise Applications Mobility Layer for your organisation.

2Go™ technology has 4 main parts:-

  1. Device App
  2. License Validation Server which sits in the cloud and validates that the device is properly licensed.
  3. VPN Gateway – an optional component, if the organization doesn’t have their own VPN Gateway.
  4. Server which can be implemented on premise – either as a physical or virtual environment –  or in the cloud.

2Go™ server

The 2Go™ server does almost all of the heavy lifting.  Responsible for the real-time encrypted communication between the mobile device and the enterprise application or applications.  If there are enterprise applications that require a client, this is where the client is usually installed.

It is important to stress that the 2Go™ server is not pushing enterprise application data to the mobile device.  At no time is the app storing any enterprise application data on the device.  The 2Go™ server encrypts and pushes only the visual representation of the enterprise application to the mobile device.  So no enterprise data actually ever leaves the premises.  Only the visual representation and, more specifically, the delta of those visual changes are communicated to the mobile device.

The 2Go™ server optimizes this communication and streams it so fast that, to the user, the experience is as if the enterprise application was actually installed on their mobile device, but it is not.  Additionally, where the 2Go™ server has the horsepower to run all sorts of large enterprise client applications, the users experience is that they have available to them huge amounts of processing power to complete their tasks.  Power and speed far beyond the capability of their mobile device.

2Go™ application on the device

The 2Go™ application on the device and the 2Go™ server function as a pair.  Just as the enterprise application is streamed in real time to the device, the device decodes and returns commands and gestures back to the 2Go™ server which then communicates those instructions to the enterprise application.  This again happens so fast that, to the user, it seems instantaneous. Even in instances where the user and the enterprise applications are on different continents.

2Go™ in the Cloud

For 2Go™ in the Cloud, we have built an optimized system within the AWS infrastructure.  Upon the launch of the 2Go™ app, on the mobile device, the system knows how to optimize the connection for the best performance and load across the globe.  The system is not only location aware but performance aware.

For example let’s say that a person is traveling and is currently in Madrid. They launch 2Go™ to enable them to use their enterprise located in Atlanta.  In this scenario the person would likely be connected to the 2Go™ backbone coming in through Frankfurt.  That seems logical because it is the closest to Spain. However, if the connection to Frankfurt, for some reason, was slower than Ireland (the next nearest node), it would then be automatically routed through Ireland.

So no matter where the user is located, 2Go™ is designed to optimize the experience.

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Contact us to discuss 2Go™ technology or any aspect of this new and exciting Enterprise Applications Mobility Layer (EnAML) solution.

Watch the 2Go™ Introduction and Demonstration Video

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