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Are your Legacy Systems locking you into a Mobile Last rather than Mobile First future?

Many organisations are striving to transform their systems to a mobile first digitally transformed state to provide users with the ability to work on mobile devices, to enable better organisation of resources, and a variety of other reasons. But digital transformation projects can be time-consuming, expensive and frustrating for staff, especially if it involves transferring data from legacy systems to new storage platforms or solutions.

It is tempting, therefore, to simply not include legacy systems in the digital transformation project on the grounds that it is “too difficult, too costly and too time consuming” to consider rewriting or replacing such systems. But these legacy systems are often critical to the operations of the business and cause staff to repeatedly log in to move between the latest cloud enabled solutions and older legacy “thick client” applications in order to complete their tasks.

The Value of Keeping Legacy Applications

Let’s be honest – there are lots of reasons why organisations drag their feet when the time comes to make a software upgrade or a system rewrite in addition to cost. Legacy systems have several advantages at first glance, including:

  • Staff are more familiar with and experienced users of legacy systems and tools, so they are more comfortable using them, especially when it comes to critical work
  • Legacy systems may have irreplaceable data or functions that can’t be replicated with modern tools, making some staff unwilling to switch over to new solutions

Some managers or organisations may be hesitant to upgrade to new implementations or mobile enabled solutions as the time, effort and cost can be prohibitive.

How Legacy Applications Hold Your Team Back

That said, legacy systems can also hold your team back significantly, both in terms of their operational flexibility and overall performance. Legacy systems:

  • Necessarily require more restrictive working patterns for the staff who use them as they are typically “locked in” to working on desktop or laptop office-based computers
  • Legacy systems have typically struggled to integrate with modern applications and sharing needs, especially when it comes to working alongside cloud-based applications
  • May not be as adaptable or versatile as modern solutions
  • May have been custom built for your operation, meaning replacing those legacy systems can be a major effort in order not to impact your organisation’s overall effectiveness
  • And more

While there are lots of good reasons to switch over from legacy systems to the latest digitally transformed applications, there’s one big problem: the interfaces for users are often different between the two types of systems.

In a nutshell, this can limit user productivity and require your staff to access several devices in order to conduct their work or share data. That slows you down, costs money in addition to time, and can even irritate your staff to the point where they would prefer to go back to “how it was when I knew how to do things!”.

2Go Universal Mobile Access:
The Ideal Solution for Mobile Data Transformation encompassing Legacy Software

So, what’s the solution? 2Go Universal Mobile Access – a revolutionary low-cost, rapid deployment software solution that simplifies enterprise mobility. Put simply, 2Go from iNovar is an integrated solution using specialised software that gives your staff rapid, full and, most importantly, secure access to all corporate applications on the move through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets – including those old legacy systems which cannot otherwise be used on mobile devices!

As a result, staff members will be able to work on the systems they need on the go wherever they are, all from the convenience of their mobile device and can switch seamlessly from working on the latest cloud enabled software to a legacy system with a swipe of their finger.

Since 2Go Mobile is designed with complete data security (no data is stored on the device, no data leaves your servers), you never have to worry about security breaches even if multiple staff members have access to crucial data around the workplace or beyond.

So, if legacy applications are slowing down your successful move towards a digitally transformed organisation, try 2Go. It is easy to implement, swift to configure, works directly with both cloud-based and legacy systems, allows your staff to securely access and work on any and all of their applications simply and easily.

We’ll be happy to show you how straightforward it can be to include even your legacy systems into a Mobile First future – contact us at or complete our Contact Form and we’ll call you back

David Monks

Responsible for the day-to-day operations at iNovar. David's current focus is to scale 2Go through partnerships with System Integrators and Consultants.

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