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2Go Version 4, Digital Transformation

Are you grappling with how to deliver both legacy and cloud applications to remote workers at the same time?

Simultaneously access legacy and cloud applications with enterprise remote access solutions

Modern businesses are often faced with a tough choice: should they migrate data and functions from their legacy applications to the cloud, which often costs a lot in time and money, or should they shuffle inefficiently between legacy (so called “thick client” applications) and cloud (so called “thin client” applications), requiring their employees to use and access these two disparate approaches at once? Turns out, you don’t necessarily have to access legacy and cloud applications separately or through different workstations. New technologies and software from companies like iNovar have made it possible for your organisation to access legacy applications and cloud applications at the same time.

Why are enterprise remote access solutions important?

A single mobile app can let you access new cloud applications and all of your legacy systems or “thick” client applications, providing you and your employees a number of benefits. These include…

Improved Employee Flexibility

For starters, employees throughout your organisation will be able to access important data or applications on the move through interfacing with the cloud. No longer will they be anchored to a physical workstation or a brick-and-mortar office.

With a bridging app that allows connection to legacy and cloud applications simultaneously, employees can work from anywhere, accessing either legacy client data and applications or newer cloud technologies depending on their needs.

Secure mobile use of multiple business applications

It’s no secret that the cloud based systems benefit from more regular security updates and is generally considered to be superior to local clients for data storage. By being able to access a legacy application and the cloud at the same time, your employees will benefit from increased data security.

In a nutshell, app access software can allow employees to access critical data from a legacy client or system while benefiting from modern security.

No Need to Handle Software Incompatibilities

It’s a fact of life that many thick client applications – those most reliant on computer workstations that have everything they need to run the application – are pains to transfer or deconstruct, particularly if those client applications or data are woven throughout your organisation.

But if you can connect to your legacy applications alongside cloud applications, you won’t need to worry about software incompatibilities or spending lots of time and money gradually migrating all of your legacy data to a cloud system.

This can save many organisations a ton of effort. In the meantime, your employees can keep using the legacy applications they already know and are proficient with, while taking advantage of new cloud technologies, through a system like iNovar’s 2GoTM.

Bespoke enterprise application mobile access

Perhaps most importantly, accessing legacy and cloud applications simultaneously will allow you to pursue a very gradual redistribution of your computer resources rather than having to make an expensive migration in a short timeframe.

The best news? This convenience is already possible.

With 2GoTM Universal Mobile Access, you and your employees can enjoy total and secure access to all corporate applications while on the go regardless of future developments in tech and fully supports any add-ons or bespoke alterations you may already have in place. 2GoTM Universal Mobile Access is a simple, intuitive, and effective app that doesn’t require retraining or redevelopment and what’s even more significant is that you don’t need to develop any mobile apps! Check out the 2Go Mobile Now website or if you’d rather cut to the chase and arrange a free of charge Proof of Value using your own systems then contact one of our specialists now through this contact link.

David Monks

Responsible for the day-to-day operations at iNovar. David's current focus is to scale 2Go through partnerships with System Integrators and Consultants.

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